WeWork Creator Awards – I am my only limit

Two weeks ago I noticed a sponsored post on Instagram for the WeWork Creator Awards

It sounded exciting so I clicked on it – next thing I knew I RSVP’d. I am always interested in business, marketing, creation and networking, so let’s go!

Then two days ago I got a reminder from WeWork (WeWork is a co-working space in Berlin, with locations all around the world), presenting the official app for the event and the directions to the venue. Motorwerk already looked familiar on the website, and when I looked more closely, I realized that I also attended a Zalando-party there two years ago. Hello, coincidence!

Hours before

I read the program again and thought the exact thing that I always think before an event that I am attending by myself: hmm yes, it sounds good, but do I have to go? I am not working for a fascinating company at the moment and since I just re-designed MODESK again, my old business cards don’t match anymore.

Suddenly, I stopped the bullshit that was going around in my head and just thought: let’s go. Go there, walk and look around, see what’s happening. If it’s completely uninteresting to me (I already knew that it wouldn’t be), I can always go home. At least go and see what’s out there. Who knows what might happen!

So, on y va to Motorwerk!

The event

Motorwerk is great! Like I said, I had already been there for a Zalando-party, so it was good to be back. From the moment I stepped in I totally forgot about the fact that I was there all by myself. It was also a good thing that my smartphone wasn’t connecting to the WiFi. Now, instead of being occupied with my iPhone, I was more present in the moment. In what was going on at the event. Even though normally, I am married to my phone as well, I was amazed by how other people were completely obsessed with their smartphones.

It made me realize that most of the time we just walk around like zombies with a piece of technique to support us. Now, I actually took it all in. As a matter of fact, that’s also the reason that I didn’t take so many pictures.

WeWork – Shops and merchandise

The event started off with a job fair. I walked around a bit to see what was out there, but since I am starting a new job on Monday – I was done in 5 minutes.

Instead of getting contacts and business cards, I just collected two of my favorite things in life: stickers and postcards. Love it!

WeWork itself had a pop up store where they sold the coolest merchandise. Fantastic quotes on totes, cards and basically anything you can imagine. Of course, I went crazy on the stickers, so I have some additions to my memory wall again.

In addition to the WeWork shop, some other brands had a pop-up store as well. Highlight there was Sabon, I just love all of their all their products.

The shops were all situated upstairs and the cool thing about Motorwerk is that you have a fantastic overview of the venue from there. So, instead of scrolling through my Instagram-feed, I actually picked up a magazine for some inspiration, while looking into the crowd downstairs. Fascinating.

Craft beer and coffee

For me, the highlight of the event was a masterclass about brewing your passion. For one whole hour, I was totally captivated by the fascinating stories from the founders of BRLO and Father Carpenter. It was amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling, felt so inspired, to also go work my ass off to create something amazing that makes people happy.

Best of all was that these people were so funny and pure –  great sense of humor. Everybody knows that it’s such hard work to create and promote a brand, but that oozing energy and passion was SO inspiring.

Like Krésten Thøgersen, founder and owner of Father Carpenters, said so beautifully: the best thing is to create an experience.

Not that people come into a bar and order what they always order, but come in and trust you to inspire them. And then see the happy look on their faces when something that you suggested turned out to be a great idea!

What can I say? I was totally digging this masterclass.

Awards and after party

After the masterclass I did another tour around the building again, read another magazine, grabbed something to eat and drink and just stopped and stared into the crowd a bit. Now the actual Creator Awards were about to begin. I didn’t know any of the companies (eh, yeah, that’s exactly why you should stay!), so I almost went to the bathroom and straight home. But since I was there anyway, why the hell would I go now, right?

So I sat myself down and listened to all of the pitches. Really interesting!

After the awards, the event ended with a fantastic after party. MEUTE was there to spice up the joint. So awesome!


Food and drinks were served and after the band, two DJ’s were playing some pretty good music. The atmosphere was great!

HA, I was still alone, but didn’t mind. Instead of running into the bathroom or to a safe place in the back, I just grabbed a drink, some dinner and danced! Talking about getting out of my comfort zone. Best thing ever!

I watched how MR GALLE created this fantastic piece – all with tape, I was so fascinated and stared at this for minutes.

While I was drifting off in this work of art, I ran into a former colleague. Talking about coincidence. So good and funny to see each other again. Sometimes Berlin is like a village. We exchanged Instagram (who wants phone numbers nowadays, we are interested in visuals!) and after drinking a last BRLO-beer I decided to call it a night.

At the cloakroom I bumped into my former colleague again and we decided to bike home together. When we parted ways in Prenzlauer Berg, the only thing I could do was smile.

Laying in the afterglow..

Such a great evening, just by getting out of my comfort zone. I almost didn’t go, because I felt SO self conscious about going there by myself. Now, I was so happy that I was singing out loud on my bike. At home I obviously couldn’t sleep due to an ongoing adrenaline rush.

Even now, two days later, while writing this, I still feel inspired. I am proud as hell that I went, I have new inspirational stickers (obsessed) and to top it all off, I ran into somebody that I hadn’t seen for while. I guess you can say I amazed myself!

So, what I want to say to you is: GO do the things that make you feel good, that you are curious about, that make you happy. Especially, if you need to go by yourself. Be inspired, walk around, listen, just be and amaze yourself. We are capable of so much more than we can imagine. Don’t be afraid to BE, nobody is judging you when you enter a room by yourself. HA, we are all way too self involved and probably everybody thinks the same thing. Going by yourself is the best way to fully enjoy something and get to know some new people. It’s the biggest gift you can give yourself: experiences.

This is the third event that I attended by myself this month (read all about Vogue Fashion’s Night Out) and it makes me feel alive, vibrant, on top of the world.

The only person creating a whole weird story in my head was ME. I was my only limit. Nobody cares if I don’t go anywhere, I am just robbing myself of experiences. Such a bloody shame!

WeWork made it possible to let everybody from around the world feel inspired by founders of start-ups, introduce and connecting us to companies, meanwhile providing us with free goodies, music, dinner and drinks!

Definitely worth getting out of my zone for!

Thanks so much WeWork, Motorwerk, BRLO, Father Carpenter, DJ’s and companies – this was such a great evening!

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