Maroon 5 – so hard to “Kiefer satisfied”


Hi, my name is Sascia and I am addicted to music.

Ohooooooooo listen to the music 

We’re lost in music

Music was my first loooove


One look at my memory wall (my birthday is coming up and I am getting nostalgic) makes me realize how many concerts I have visited over the years. Years? Meanwhile, we are talking in decades. The first one must have been The Backstreet Boys in Rotterdam when I was 12 and my last concert was Massive Attack here in Berlin, July 2016.

Anyway, Friday means New Music Friday and while I was texting with one of my best friends, the first song on the list was one by Maroon 5. I got all nostalgic and 10 seconds later, I was listening to Songs about Jane, their first album back in 2002.

At that time, I was a huge Maroon 5-fan and also visited 2 concerts in 2003 and 2007.

This love – Maroon 5

Maroon 5 released their first album Songs about Jane in 2002. 15 (15!) years ago! I still remember the first time I heard the hit single “This love”. Hello, obsessed! I remember that time like it was yesterday. I’m such a sucker for nostalgia. I knew (and still know) this album by heart and some time later, I realized how sexist the lyrics actually are. Adam, you dirty little bastard.

The best memory is their concert in Amsterdam. I “secretly” went there with my friend and my heart rate went through the roof when they appeared on stage. The quality of this picture is terrible, but it’s the memory that counts.

I even found a movie that not has horrible sound to it – Must get out LIVE 2003

After the concert, my Maroon 5 haze quieted down for some time. My taste in music developed and changed a bit, but when they released a new album in 2007 It won’t be soon before long, nostalgia got the best of me again. So. off we went.

Best memories

I love this photograph. Back in 2007, I was very insecure about my picture taken. Ha, I still don’t like posed pictures, but this one represents good times. That feeling that rockets right through you when you are so incredibly happy. The energy when a band that you have listened to and waited for, for such a long time is performing right in front of you. The anxiety that runs through your veins when doors open and you want to be in front of the stage so bad (gosh, I still remember how we ran in 2003 when the doors opened). Nothing else existed anymore and we just RAN to get the best spot. I was so happy to be there and Debby captured it perfectly!

I can imagine that Adam Levine is less pleased to see these pictures (thank God, he got more handsome over the years), but he just needs to live with that.

During this concert I wanted to registrate as much as possible (so fantastic to look back at this), but I guess I had a crappy phone, so “This love” is the only little movie that’s sort of worth it to publish.

This love 2007

At the end of the concert, my friend discovered the artist entrance. There was my chance to get a photograph or a signature, but I felt embarrassed.I still remember the regret I felt when two days later a picture popped up on my social media – a friend how did wait in front of that same entrance and got a picture with “my” Maroon 5. I believe, at moment I realized that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t such a huge fan anymore.

Moves like Jagger

in 2010 the third album Hands all over got released and I can’t remember any song from that album. I just looked it up and apparently they had two other albums which I didn’t even know existed. I guess my feeling at the end of the second concert was right. In 2012 Maroon 5 released Overexposed and in 2014 V was their fifth studio album.

When I think about Maroon 5 and their last song that comes to mind, I think about “Payphone” and I thought it was horrible. Poppy, commercial, just not my thing. While scrolling through the albums, I saw Moves like Jagger again. That one I do still love, I added it to my playlist immediately. Moves like Jagger is one of those songs, just like Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke) that has an instant effect on me. It recalls memories and makes me want to dance. Love it.

So hard to kiefer satisfied

In the end Songs about Jane remains to be the best one. I still know all the lyrics – all of those memories, feelings, everything – that’s why I love music so much. And for the ones who are wondering about the strange title of this post – I will write an extra post about that ;).

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  1. Whahaha er zit teveel nostalgie in deze post! Mijn mooiste moment was dat er 10 fans voor de ingang zaten, een uur voor de zaal openging, jij het druk vond en ik dacht ‘wat zijn er weinig mensen’! Om toch uiteindelijk vooraan in een bomvolle HMH

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