..things will happen while they can

RUST: even wegwezen met die telefoon


Ik heb me NU toch iets gevonden wat me rust geeft. Voor, tijdens het slapen gaan en direct bij het opstaan. Of eigenlijk gaat het nog iets langer door. Tot wanneer ik zin heb zo’n beetje.

Bella Italia – 12 x musica from some classics to the 90s


There is a lot of beautiful music from Bella Italia. Let me lead you through my favorite songs, from classics to 90s. Some to be expected, some surprises. Here we go:

Eurovision Song Contest – My all time favorites


The Eurovision Song Contest always promises at least three nights of humor, either positive or well, less positive criticism. Sitting in front of the television, going from one shock to another. No matter what happens, the finale is always exciting!

There is a place called Kokomo..

The Beach Boys might not be boys anymore, and believe me, I am everything BUT hot for them. On the contrary to their music: I love their songs. Not all of them, but at least four of them. Whereas Kokomo is my favorite.

Shot of music: Saint Motel


I didn’t even know Saint Motel were incredibly known. or at least, performing for quite some years (est. 2009). That was until I discovered their latest album Saintmotelevision last year.



Overwhelmed by all of the historic buildings and quiteness of the town, I just have to take you with me on a little stroll through town.

Selflove – my do’s and don’ts

One of the best things that happened to me and I am not the person that I was a year ago. So, to inspire you and spread some self love around, here are my do’s and don’ts in case you feel lost right now:

Quién es esa niña?

I was proud that I didn’t care about other people’s opinions anymore. Let them talk if they want too. Life is too short to live up to other people’s expectations.